"Investing in the repair and maintenance of city streets creates jobs, improves property values and is an economic driver. This is something that must get done."

Tacoma’s streets are sick; Props A and 3 are the cure

“This is the most intelligent street improvement package we’ve seen, and we urge passage of both measures…Tacoma’s neighborhoods deserve decent pavement. The city boasts beautiful parks, waterfronts and a glorious natural setting. Leaving the roads to crumble is like wearing muddy sneakers with a designer evening gown.”"
September 19, 2015

Tacoma roads are in need of repair and if we don't fix them now it will cost significantly more to replace them in the future. This is our chance to fix our decaying infrastructure and repair our neighborhood streets

Just $7.50 more per month for the average household would...


*This program will expire in 10 years.

Prop 3 & A have broad community support

“As a parent, I support Propositions 3 and A because they will provide critical funding for school crosswalks and help to create more safe routes to schools in neighborhoods across our city.”

Brenda Wiest
Sherman Elementary PTA Parent

“I’m supporting Propositions 3 and A, because companies like mine rely on sound, efficient infrastructure to transport products, services and people.”

Eric Hahn
General Plastics

“If passed, Propositions 3 and A would create 420 family wage jobs right here in our community.”

Mark Martinez
Pierce County Building & Trades Association

“I have said this before but ‘if not this, then what,' if not now, when? It is just something that has to get done.”

Tom Pierson
CEO,Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce

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